Cybersecurity: perception vs reality
Vlad Botic
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We have very robust tools and processes in place, so we’re fine.

If that’s your company’s perception of information security, think again. Because almost every company thinks it has a robust approach to cybersecurity – including every high-profile organisation that has ever suffered a cyber attack. This disconnect between perception and reality plays right into the hands of hackers and other malicious actors.

Mind the gap

The trouble is, there are so many factors to consider when it comes to information security. First up you’ll typically have very detailed cybersecurity policies and processes – many of which look great on paper but fall down as soon as they encounter the end user (who is just trying to get their job done in the most efficient way possible). Then you have an ever-growing list of compliance demands that need to be ‘checked off’. Meanwhile, vendors left, right and centre are peddling their off-the-shelf solution as the holy grail and the answer to all your prayers.

The perception at each stage is you simply need X, Y or Z to ‘solve’ the problem, and this creates a false sense of security. But in reality – with so many different factors at play, and often unpredictable human employees working in the organisation – gaps and vulnerabilities inevitably form. And these gaps are what allow phishing, data breaches and ransomware incidents to occur.

Joining up the dots

We believe people are the key to solving the disconnect between perception and reality. Even if you have the very best technology, processes and policies in place, unless your people are aware of them (including what they mean in practice and why they must be adhered to), they may as well not exist.

In this way, information security is not about ticking boxes on a list, buying various security tools, then you’re done; it’s about training your people and ensuring best practice at every level of the business. This is a far cry from the old IT notion of people being the ‘weakest link’ in an organisation’s cyber defences. In our view, people are in fact the organisation’s greatest weapon.

At The RANt Group, our people-centric approach to information security is designed with reality firmly in mind. Discover more about working with us.

Vlad Botic
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