About Us.

We help organisations achieve a Permanent State of Readiness®.

Why we exist

To enable long-term resilience and adaptability within organisations when dealing with cyber risk.

We take the approach of getting to know an organisation first; what works, what doesn’t, who’s calling the shots, who’s a bottleneck, who’s making decisions and who’s not. Only then can we truly start to understand what makes a company tick.

We don’t promote the latest tech with a promise of it fixing all your woes. Quite the opposite. In many cases, you may have already invested in the right technology but have yet to achieve your desired outcome. We’ve been there – we know how it feels to have a thousand voices selling wonderous solutions as the silver bullet.

What we do

We help organisations achieve a Permanent State of Readiness®.

This means they will be as ready as they can be for the next cyber incident. We use The OAT Principle® to get them there.

This is where we start; we work with companies to understand their culture, their direction of travel and what outcomes regarding cyber resilience they need to achieve.
We’ll then use our collective experience, resources, and capabilities to advise on a roadmap to achieve those outcomes.
And finally, we’ll structure the use of existing, or recommend new technologies and services to enable the roadmap.