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What is a Permanent State of Readiness™ and how do we get you there?

Our Approach

The news is full of high-profile cyber-attacks on oil pipelines, ransomware targeting patient records, and stolen source code from big tech’s latest projects. In this high threat, growing and mutating environment it can seem unbelievable to say, “I think we are ready for whatever comes”. This can be even more challenging to state to a Board, particularly when you are the one responsible for the organisation’s cybersecurity’.

There is always an element of doubt, whether it is an unpatched 3rd party server, or the worry that one of your employees will inadvertently just give away the keys to the castle. With a Permanent State of Readiness™ The RANt Group can provide you with the ability to confidently say, “We are ready.”

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A Permanent State Of Readiness™

Network Security

We bring novel approaches to your security, but we get the basics right too. Get a complete view of your attack surface, understand the nature and severity of your vulnerabilities, detect and stop emerging threats. We deliver network security through the most comprehensive, trusted and up to date software on the market.

3rd Party & Supply Chain Risk Analysis

Even if you think you have a handle on your network, do you know what’s happening on the networks of your suppliers, vendors, and contractors? How much of your organisation’s information moves off your well secured patch everyday into the unknown. Operate a zero-trust policy and use our comprehensive reconnaissance software to hold your 3rd Party partnerships to account… or get help choosing new ones with the risk rating reports. You can even turn the tool on yourself and see what others can view on you – get your rating, and a pathway to improving it.

Social Engineering Defence

Revolutionary new technology, handpicked by The RANt Group to work in conjunction with your network and 3rd party security tools. Our platform targets the most common source of data breaches – human behaviours. Using psychological frameworks and machine learning, the tool understands patterns of risk behaviour within your organisations. Then it makes just in time and progressive training interventions for your employees. No more click through training about phishing once a year! Training is delivered on the spot, its relevant to what is going on, and it’s done in a way your employees find most engaging.

Human Risk Intelligence

Deep insights into your organisations communications and how the information is flowing. Our Human Risk Intelligence tool can be applied soft touch or full throttle to give you the intelligence you need to identify, then see off an insider threat. It also has great utility post incident for any administrative or lessons learned procedure.

Policy And Compliance

Get yourself to ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus standard with tools that make the changes required easy to follow and manage. Make sure all your endpoints are swept up with light touch compliance monitoring.

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