Managed Security Service Provider

What Does Our Technology Do For You?

Technological solutions to problems provide the bedrock to our advisory capability. We back you up with an expertly curated portfolio of technology, designed for a layered approach that provides you defence in depth, flexibility and of course – A Permanent State of Readiness™. We can implement new solutions, streamline the old, or conduct longer term change management in the way that best fits your business style

Cyber Operations

Test your state of readiness constantly with our arsenal of cyber operations capabilities:

Penetration Testing

Try to breach your own network every few months or get a bespoke application precision tested. Our team will find the gaps in your readiness we can help close.

OSINT Investigations

Get a hacker’s eye view of your digital footprint to minimise social engineering threats or get assistance in finding malicious actors. Our OSINT analysts have worked for defence and law enforcement, if it’s out there, they will find it.

Social Engineering

Have us simulate phishing, vishing and SMShing attacks on individuals or groups in your organisation. All conducted under a strict ethical framework and mutually agreed rules of engagement.

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