What were the main challenges your business was facing before working with The RANt Group?

Continuing infrastructure integration following the merger between Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now in 2019.  From a cybersecurity perspective, RANt helped steer us through this and the challenges of the pandemic, as we wanted to ensure our foundation practises were sound following these significant technical and cultural changes. 

What made you decide to choose The RANt Group? 

RANt Group were not only financially competitive but also felt like a good cultural fit and would work well with the Breast Cancer Now IT team.

The problem

What specific services did The RANt Group provide to address your challenges? 

We use RANt for its excellent vulnerability management service and dynamic application security testing. Through RANt’s service, we have made sure this fundamental security area is consistently well looked after.  

How did The RANt Group's team work with your business to implement these services?

Direct communication with Rapid7 for setup. Regular recurring service reviews. Given clear and specific tasks. Welcomed and persistent nagging! 

The solution

What were the results of the solutions The RANt Group provided? How did they impact your business? 

The RANt Group’s serviced plays a valuable role in ensuring that our estate is managed in an effective way. 

The outcomes

Have you noticed any changes in your business's security culture since working with The RANt Group? If so, could you provide some examples? 

With security always being a top priority for the charity, RANt helps us to a holistic understanding of organisational risk so that we can best manage this.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall experience of working with The RANt Group, and please explain why?

8. I rarely score 9 or 10! 

Would you recommend The RANt Group's services to other businesses? Why or why not?

Yes. RANt group are cyber security experts and, being a smaller company, it has been easy to form a solid working relationship with them.

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