A virtual Chief Information Security officer will take the cybersecurity and information security issues off your core management team, while keeping you informed and giving you the edge if an incident occurs.

How Can vCISO Help You?

The vCISO will collaborate with members of staff from all sectors of your organisation – IT, Policy, Human Resources, Operations and so on.

They frequently use this cross-cutting access as information flows constantly throughout an organisation. In a 21st century world, only niche areas of businesses remain that don’t utilise connected technology to communicate or store data. An experienced vCISO from The RANt Group will be able to protect what is vulnerable on your network while allowing information to flow efficiently.

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Your Digital Infrastructure Is Only The Beginning.

Traditional hacking attacks on your networks aren’t the main vector for malicious actors anymore. We humans. Lack of understanding, slapdash operating procedures and potentially malicious insider threats can all deliver an easier pathway for a hacker. A vCISO from The RANt Group will be able to mentor and guide your team to safer behaviours without slowing down their ability to work.

Finally your vCISO will be a trusted advisor, an unbiased voice in debate and capable of setting effective policy for the company around cybersecurity. We at The RANt Group are ISO27001 implementors, and help answer your routine audit questionnaires, keeping business running so you can focus on operations.

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