What were the main challenges your business was facing before working with The RANt Group?

Our Charity was mid-way through a move to the Cloud when I arrived, and we needed expert advice with regards to our information and general IT security to complete this Cloud-based move. The RANt Group and Rich provided this expert advice, assisting me in setting out a clear plan of action to keep our Charity safe and secure.

What made you decide to choose The RANt Group?

The RANt Group and Rich in particular came highly recommended. After an initial call with Rich, it was immediately clear that the RANt Group’s experience and expertise would be a huge help to SCIE.

The problem

What specific services did The RANt Group provide to address your challenges?

Rich and the RANt Group reviewed the setup of our IT systems and patiently listened to our queries. They suggested solutions and helped us to implement those solutions. The RANt group assisted to oversee the implementation of our new IT provider, which has been hugely successful. Our Charity now use the RANt group to provide a virtual Chief Information Security (vCISO) service, which provides on-going IT security advice, providing us with peace of mind.

How did The RANt Group’s team work with your business to implement these services?

I had regular meetings with the RANt Group to run through and agree our information security strategy. The RANt Group have provided cyber security training sessions to our staff, including providing clear and concise guidance notes and helping to highlight the cyber security challenges that organisations face.

The solution

What were the results of the solutions The RANt Group provided? How did they impact your business?

The RANt Group and Rich in particular have helped me transform the IT security practices and processes within my Charity. Rich has been a constant source of support to me as Director of Finance, our Senior Leaders Team and our wider staff network. It is safe to say that at times, we would have been lost without Rich’s guidance and experience. The RANT Group have just been amazing to work with!

The outcomes

Have you noticed any changes in your businesses security culture since working with The RANt Group? If so, could you provide some examples?

Absolutely. Our general staff culture towards IT security has changed since The RANt Group have been involved, for example, staff are confident in spotting and flagging Phishing attempts. IT security has become embedded in our culture and the RANt Group have played a huge part in this.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall experience of working with The RANt Group and please explain why?

I would rate the service as exemplary, 10. The RANt Group provide a service that I have never experienced in my 20-year career in terms of specialist IT security advice, at a very reasonable price.

Would you recommend The RANt Group’s services to other businesses? Why or why not?

Absolutely and in particular, I would recommend The RANt Group to small to medium charities and organisations who are at the initial stages of implementing their cyber/information security strategy/plan. I would be more than happy to provide a testimonial directly to anyone who would like to work with the RANt Group.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience working with The RANt Group?

I can’t speak highly enough of the RANt Group and Rich in particular. I would recommend their services to anyone and would always encourage any Charity or organisation to speak to the RANt Group if they have any concerns with their current information security practices.

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